Saturday, July 21, 2012

sicilian excursion.

while in erice, ben's physics conference people treated everybody to a trip to the southern coast of sicily, where there are bright beaches & stately greek ruins a-plenty. sicily isn't too big, so it took us about an hour & a half to take a bus from erice, at the very top of the island, down to selinunte, which is a town down at the very bottom. and now, images from the excursion for your viewing delight:

back in the day, those ambitious greeks had sailed all the way out to the southern tip of silicy, to selinunte. here they set up camp & built several temples, of course (as the greeks often do) such as the temple of hera. which we were sad to learn provided very little shade:

see that other temple wayyyy out there in the distance? gorgeous view!:

other temples in selinunte crumbled or collapsed, so now all we're left with today is giant fields of ruins, like the one in the background below:

after wandering amongst the ruins for a bit, we spent the rest of the day down at the beach. it was a glaringly hot day (of course. what else should we have expected in italy?) but the water felt AMAZING. those hours in the cold water were THE most refreshing hours i had our entire trip. but first of all, check out this great view below! that coastline isn't too bad either! bahaha:


p.s. italians are SERIOUSLY obsessed with getting tan. everyone on the beach that day, no matter their age, gender, or ANYTHING, had their towels aligned just so so that they would face directly into the sun for the ultimate tanning exposure. look at the people in the chair/towel in the very left of the picture above for an example. i think ben & i were the ONLY ones on the beach who had our towels facing the water & not into the sun. we probably should have focused more on our tans, though, & look no further than the picture below for further evidence of this fact. behold my not-tan-ness! (i know, i KNOW, but one of the ONLY places to lay out & tan in nyc is in central park, & i just...i just...that just still seems really WEIRD to me, okay?!):

see the temple ruins in the top right? ruins at a beach! unreal.:

oh. & then there were these windsurfer guys (what are they really called? not sure.) (**important update** after some research, it looks like it's called 'parakiting') who were doing their thing & ben kept talking about how much he wanted to parakite. & then, of course, there was that time we were hanging out in the water & ben shouted "look out!" & i turned & one of those guys was coming STRAIGHT towards your 7th favorite blogger. luckily for you 3, we happened to get this moment on camera. my face in the picture is just priceless. 

these guys were pretty cool, though. the wind would catch the kite & they would just take off in the air for forever. 

we simply loved this beach day! it could not have come at a better time. those hot italian temperatures were soaring higher than those parakite guys.

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