Wednesday, July 25, 2012

travel tales.

seeing the sights in europe was only about half of our trip. what was the other half,
you might ask? traveling in between these places! you might say the overall theme
of our trip was "planes, trains, & automobiles," because we used every single one
of those modes of transportation at least five times each, probably. 

when we first arrived in paris after a seven 
hour flight to london & a two hour flight to paris:

 traipsing around paris:

 traipsing around the seine:

 waiting for the train from paris to venice,
when pigeons pooped on ben's shorts
 our overnight train, horror of all horrors!
 these are the beds we slept on in the car 
that we shared with two random people.
...are you starting to feel claustrophobic?
because i did.
 me the morning after our overnight train............yeah.
waiting for the subway after a long day in paree:
 ...& always some of this, of course. :)

sometimes the traveling was bearable.
most of the time it was a bit terrible & the definite underbelly of our trip.
 ah well, there was no way around any of it. makin' memories!


  1. I've been silently stalking your blog envying your Europe experience! So jealous! Looks like you had an amazing time!! :)

  2. hee hee. wonderful!!! & yes we did have a fun time...with a lot of ups & downs :D



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