Monday, July 9, 2012

venice post: the buildings!

i think ben & i have officially decided venice is one of THE
most beautiful cities on the planet. i mean, it's straight out of
your imagination! canals for streets? people getting around by
small, cute boats? in venice, it all happens! just to recap, we
took an overnight train from paris to venice (oh man, was THAT
an adventure. more on the overnight train in another post. i'm 
STILL thanking my lucky stars we weren't, like, held at shiv-point
& robbed of all our belongings by some random bunk-mate) &
arrived in venizia at about 9:45 am. after dropping off our 
belongings at the cutest little hotel ever, we set off to explore.
let's start with the buildings. holy guacamole, does venice
have the best, most colorful buildings ever. & the not-fair
thing? even when the buildings are slightly broken down or
crumbling, that makes them look even better.

there are tiny little bridges like these everywhere.
the shapes of these windows!:
 look at this mustard yellow color! & those shutters!
 i mean SERIOUSLY. can you imagine living here?

"ah, venice!" 
remember when indy says that in indiana jones & the last crusade?
admittedly, it comes at a slightly questionable part in the movie 
(for all you die-hards out there), nevertheless we couldn't help but
 talk about indiana jones' adventures in venice the entire time we
were there. & then we went home, found this hilarious VIDEO,
& discovered we had DEFINITELY been to almost every single
venice place from the movie! here's husband in front of the
"library" indiana & what's-her-bucket go into after first meeting,
as shown in the youtube video linked above:

more to come on venice soon!

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