Wednesday, July 11, 2012

venice post: the canals!

so from these pictures, you might start to think i was obsessed with
the canals in venice. & if you thought that, thought right!

& people just, you know, travel around in boats instead of cars. nbd.
we saw ZERO automobiles in venice. none. zip. zilch. & believe me, we
looked. there was not a car to be found! only boats! don't you love that? 
{p.s. it was right around venice that it started getting really, REALLY hot
all the time & i couldn't stand life in anything other than jogging clothes.}
one of the main canals. look at all that boat traffic?
not too different from a busy intersection, no?
two of my favorite things: my husband & THIS CANAL.
pretty bridges all over. not only did we not see a single car, we hardly
saw any BIKES, either, & we think that's because it's too much of a hassle
trying to haul them over a bridge every five minutes. EVERYBODY in venice walks!
imagine for a second that this was your front door. well,
for someone in is.
the fronts of pretty pretty gondolier boats.
& people just park up their boats in front of their house,
& venice is like a fairy-tale land, the end.
one of the bigger, busier canals.

the streets are made of water in venice, & we loved it.
i think we might want to move here, buy a boat instead
of a car, & eat their fat homemade pasta for dinner every 
night. doesn't that sound like the life?


  1. I have dreamed of going there, I have invision me on one of those boats. A girls gotta dream right!?! When is brainy benny going to europe again, I will book my tix the day I know!!!! so serious.

  2. you know it homegirl! we will keep you informed FOR SURE :D



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