Thursday, July 12, 2012

venice post: funny things.

during our 24 hours in venice we took lots of pictures of the buildings, we
took lots of pictures of the beautiful water, & then we took lots of pictures
of very random &/or funny things that didn't fit into either of these categories.
so what did we do? fit these suckers into a category of their own.

1. that time we traveled for so long that we ran out of clean clothes
& had to do some laundry in venice. who does laundry in venice?!
soooooo unromantic.

2. that time that there are little masquerade shops on EVERY
single corner of venice. i will admit a lot of them had really
awesome masks...& then some others also had these somewhat
creepy effigies out front.

ah, a plague doctor costume. but did you know these
bird-like masks actually serve(d) a purpose? read about
it HERE& when people wear them at the carnival of venice.

3. if you can understand the below, ten points for you!

4. ah, benjamin looking at a map.
the below has happened lots & lots of times this trip, but
not more so than in venice. venice is a series of tiny, tiny
lanes (sometimes no wider than two people standing side by
side to get through!) that turn you here, & there, & cross over bridges
 & change names, & sometimes you're not sure if the little lane
you're on has a name at all, & somehow they manage to 
get all of this on a map, 78% of the time.

5. okay, let's talk about gondoliers. gondolier-ing (?) might just
be one of the sauciest professions in all of europe, & when you
think that the guys of monty python are european as well, then
that's REALLY saying something. these dudes sit around all day, 
like, chillinnnn &, you know, being tan & loving the attention 
tourists give them, & if the sunlight happens to reflect off 
the water to spotlight how tan & muscular they are while rowing 
around people, then let that light shine, they say! 
let's look at some examples:

what did i tell you? sitting around being tan & wearing earrings!:

i admit a gondolier ride would have been really fun. 
they really deck out those boats, & we would have 
loved to get a view of venice from the water.
but at 80 euro a pop, we just couldn't bring ourselves 
to fork over the cash this time around. looking back
now, maybe we should have just done it, but at
least we'll know for the future.  

{fun side note: because all gondoliers row on the right side
only, all gondolas are built to curve slightly to the right in
front, to balance the rowing & so that the gondola doesn't
just go around in circles. can you spot the shape of the gondola
in the picture above?}

{fun side note/fact #2: the gondoliers don't really sing like you think 
they would. we heard rumor that they'll only sing at a certain
time of day, & it is true that we only ever heard 2 or 3 of them sing 
sometime around sunset. i've also heard that time of day doesn't
matter, that some of them will sing & some don't. so just be aware
of that. speaking of gondoliers singing & not singing, apparently
there's a fictional novel by the same author of the princess bride 
entitled the silent gondoliers. might be fun to check out.}

moving on, this row of gondolas isn't
that different from the rows & rows of taxis
that wait around grand central station, no?:

i mean, see what i mean?
actin' like they own the joint!:

6. & then we learned that disney really is everywhere. yesss.

ah, venice. you really were good to us - almost too good
(buying gelato twice in one day is allowed when you're
on vacation, right...?). alas, time moved along & before
we knew if we found ourselves moving on to rome!


  1. OH my gosh, I cannot get enough of those gondoliers! They are SOOO SAUCY!!!!! They toootally just like sit around all day and chill! Who is more European, those guys or Maxim Schmerekovsky?????

  2. they are seriously DRIPPING. we were dying, they were hilarious. they just chill allll thheeee timmmeeeee. i don't know who is, like, loving being european more, them or maxim...that is a REALLY TOUGH QUESTION!!! i don't know!



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