Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Dear Readers,

I hope you won’t mind an uninvited guest post. This is not your favorite blogger Shayla, this actually happens to be her husband, who is sneaking onto the blog unbeknownst to her. The reason? It’s Shayla’s birthday! I couldn’t let my beautiful, smart, caring, conscientious, funny, thoughtful, and in all ways wonderful wife go uncelebrated on her birthday, even though I’m certain she would prefer to quietly let this day slip past without any particular acknowledgment—after all, she’s not one to call attention to herself. As bad luck would have it, I’m stuck working 3,000 miles away from home, so I can’t even be there to celebrate for her. I suppose I’ll just have to hope that my words make an acceptable substitute!

Happy birthday to my beautiful bride!

photo credit: our good friend here.

meet our walls.

the walls in our front room have really taken on a personality of their own. they're eclectic, quirky as all get out, complex, & yet manage to look somewhat presentable once you step back & take it all in. it's almost like the walls are a PERSON. they almost remind me of myself!...except that whole looking presentable part. but enough about that. these walls tell a story, my friends! so let's take a little tour of some of the stuff we were actually crazy enough to nail up on our walls, shall we?

1. ah, "conservatives are neat freaks." are we condemning? praising? self-identifying? we'll never tell!
 2. from the cover of the first j. crew catalog i ever got...a catalog which i never really use because i can't afford anything there. but hey, i liked this cover, yeah?
 3. a little postcard i bought in taiwan. because, i mean, just LOOK at those red rays coming out of the earth.

see lots more after the jump!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

blurry sunday.

today was gawgeous & sunny, & consider me officially trying to soak up as much of this while i can...because classes start tomorrow! that's right. TOMORROW. how is fall 2012 here already? & how do i feel about it, you ask? well, i'm looking forward to the delicious reading i'll be doing, & the amazing professors & class discussions this website tells me i'll have. at the same time, i know in three weeks from now i'll just be wallowing in self-pity at the amount of homework given to me. it's like i'm feeling both of these emotions at once! in the meantime, some blurry pictures because i think they look kind of cool?

top: future favorites c/o tj maxx, skirt: thrited, necklace: thrifted, heels: target

hope your sunday was like disneyland! meanwhile, i'll be getting ready for school.
but i'm ready. so let's get this party started, master's program. do your worst.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

star wars + 30 rock.

love star wars?
love 30 rock?

well, if you love both, or even if you don't
like both, hopefully you'll appreciate this
little mash-up. because i do! enjoy.

(p.s. watch the original 30 rock opening
credits HERE to do a little comparison!)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

dwight pins!

dwight schrute is right up there with michael scott for providing
the most joyous, painfully awkward entertainment of the office.
in the wake of the announcement that the upcoming season of
the office will be its last, let's celebrate the fact that dwight
schrute has a pinterest page. again i say, dwight schrute has a 
pinterest page. & this probably comes as no surprise, but
his comments are absolutely priceless. TAKE A LOOK.

(plus, for all you superfans, see the
entire the office pinterest page here!)

(image via.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

four songs for missing my man.

when sweet benjamin is off fighting for truth, beauty, freedom, & love in the name of physics, well, my poor heart misses him something fierce. today i was just thinking about that guy & suddenly a bevy of songs started weaving their way through my mind. some of these songs have been with us from the very beginning! & i can't help but get a slightly giggly feeling when i think about our relationship & the parts these songs have played in it. so take a look! have a listen! stop & stay awhile!

1. i've just seen a face, the beatles

oh, this one. what was the story of this one, ben, something like you knew i was absolutely the one & only girl for you forevermore when you heard this song in the car on the way back from manti? :)

2. heart of gold, neil young.

gosh, if anyone has a heart of gold, it's ben. ask anyone! i can't help but think of him every time i hear this ditty. it almost brings tears to my eyes! just one close listen to the lyrics of this song & you'll hear the story of a good porion of my adult life. i was searching for a heart of gold, & i do declare i found it. (if you're looking for a good laugh, however, this video shows jimmy kimmel doing quite a spot-on neil young impression!)

3. skinny love, bon iver

here's a quick replay of the second text conversation ben & i ever had:

shayla: so what are you up to right now?
ben: i'm in the eyring science center doing homework all by myself :(
shayla: oh! do you have a computer nearby?
ben: i do, actually!
shayla: okay, you've GOT to listen to this song i've been
obsessed with lately. go to youtube & type in "skinny love
bon iver." it's so good! 
ben: okay, i will!
*a few minutes later*
ben: wow, that bon iver song is actually really great!

and scene.

4. home, edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

"home is wherever i'm with you"!

well, there you have it folks. a few of the songs on my playlist for sure over the next few days. have
a good night!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

lazy sunday.

this weekend we went camping upstate in the finger lakes area with friends, & had SUCH a great time. i had almost forgotten how i can just stare at a campfire for hours & hours, how scary forests are at night, how delicious tinfoil dinners are, how messy s'mores are, & how calm i feel once i'm safely in a tent at the end of the night. speaking of camping, ben & i are torn about camping gear. we really want to have our own tent, sleeping bags, dutch oven, & everything else, but there just isn't really a ton of space for it anywhere in our apartment right now. i think for now we're going to wait until we move somewhere, uh, bigger than our current place. 

dress: thrifted, belt: thrifted, shoes: tj maxx

p.s. remember the funny camping magnet i loved from this post?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


nyc sure has been a hot mess lately. with all these record-breaking high temperatures it's been as hot as ever, & we (or i should just say "i," i guess; i can't 100% speak for husband. i swear that guy does NOT really sweat) cannot go ANYWHERE without wilting like a flower! & then there's the hot rain & thunderstorms that just turn everything into the everglades. ah well, we'll make it through somehow. in the meantime, i'll be pinning lots of cold-weather outfit ideas, because that cool breeziness of fall is just right around the corner!...i hope.

hat: h&m, shirt: old navy, shorts: old navy? they're so old, boots: hunter

yep, look at that benjamin of mine. crossing the road even though the glowy hand is telling him not to. such a toughie, that one!

here's hoping the weather is slightly more manageable wherever you are right now!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


a few updates in a little post for your tuesday!

1. enjoying the view of los angeles.
 2. the beautiful, almost blindingly white buildings of the getty.
 3. speaking of the getty, it provides one of the best views of LA, period.
 4. saying goodbye to southern california &
boarding our teensy plane. i felt like a beatle!
 5. my boss has this quote calendar. is it bad that though i think
this quote is, you know, okay, what i really love is the stark,
simple font against the bold black & white?
 6. the best drink EVER. whoever it was that thought to 
mix these four flavors together (um, if "gold" can be considered
a flavor??) deserves a medal. & then that medal should maybe
be taken away, because this little drink is TEN DOLLARS
& i have only bought it twice, ever, for that very reason.
 7. a postcard from my friend oreo in taiwan (yes, her
english name is oreo!). i mean, "you are my lovely carrot!"? 
what does that even mean?! & yet it melts your heart. 
oreo, i am forever happy & proud to be your lovely carrot.
gosh i miss asia.
8. just sitting in for a bit on the weekly
motorcyles-of-primary-colors meeting.
 9. a study in white wall, mirror, & sneaking pictures.
 10. speaks for itself.
 11. post-sunday shenanigans, no. i.
 12. post-sunday shenanigans, no. ii.
13. caramel apple french toast.
i repeat, caramel apple french toast.

enjoy your day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

olympic round-up.

well, the olympics are over, & was it just me, or did they go by really
 fast?! i'm always surprised when the two weeks are up. one minute
 i'm watching the fierce five on day 4 of the games, & the next the
 spice girls have reunited for the umpteenth time (& yet i still know
ALL THE WORDS to "spice up your life." how has that happened?).
but have no fear. we here at you? me. me? you. want to make sure
the olympics last juuuuuust a little bit longer for all of us, with a
small gathering of mostly silly & harmless articles from around the 
webby web. let's get started:

1. a GIF guide to gabby 
douglas' golden night.
this one is fun.

2. a list of the olympics'

3. a sartorial jaunt with 

4. well as some fashion faux-pas.

6. pictures of michelle obama, the romneys,
& various royals all being chummy
  in the spectator seats.

7. athlete families going bankrupt for gold.

the first time i's too good
not to share one more time!

squirmy, uncomfortable, suffering, &
so dang endearing as they watch their
daughter compete.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

a weekend on long island: the hamptons.

the thing about places like montauk & the hamptons is that they are made in such a way that it is very hard & very expensive to get out there. soooo basically only rich people can afford to fly there in their helicopters, or pay lots of money to take train rides there, or whatever. but you wanna know something? these places are SO close to the city. i mean, it is NOTHING to just drive a car out there...if you HAVE a car. which we don't right now. ah, long island! so close!...yet still so, so far.

at our hotel:
(me in what is basically my summer uniform)
just one of the millions of cute little corner restaurants in east hampton:
i want to try & go back out there. who knows if i'll succeed? but mark my words...i will try!

a weekend in long island: montauk.

i spent the weekend in montauk preparing for & helping at a work event
(in the hamptons! more about that later). okay you guys, so, montauk?
A PIECE OF HEAVEN. it's waaaay out on the very far tip of long island,
about a two & a half/three hour drive from the city through rich forest. 
FOREST! not too far away from manhattan! it DOES exist! . my
boss & i stayed at gurney's inn, which is a chic, costs-you-your-firstborn
inn RIGHT on the beach. we had to take no more than six steps outside
our room before we ran into the gorgeous combination of sea, sand, &
water below. that atlantic, man, she is quite a tempestuous body of water.
the waves were surprisingly large & the water was choppy & dark. we
were some of the very, very few people on the entire beach, which made
everything even more magical, silent, eerie, & beautiful. behold!:

these houses! (okay, i admit the big one in the back is a hotel)

i wasn't even two minutes into being in montauk that i was already making
plans to come back, this time with husband in tow. it has this quaint,
small, beach-town feel i might have become slightly addicted to while
i was there. montauk! i love you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

LA, LA, tra la la.

ben & i have been enjoying ourselves mightily at a family reunion in los angeles (pasadena area, to be more specific) this weekend. don't you just love the feeling of a family reunion? lots & lots of kids running around, great quantities of food, crowded tables & sleeping areas, talking late into the night - it never gets old! i really should have been taking more pictures of all the festivities, but unfortunately i haven't pulled out the camera phone until today! this afternoon after several of ben's siblings & their families left, ben & i took a little drive out to santa monica to walk along the pier & get burned at the beach - because it's never really a beach trip without a little sunburn, am i right? anyway, check out some of our adventures:

//felt love at first sight looking at some of the houses overlooking the beach. these stairs!//

 //the entire house was purple & pink!//

//today was a scorcher! the water felt so good & cool, i wanted to sing.//

 //yes we DID walk along the pier in nothing but our bathing suits, & no one even gave us a second look. & that, my friends, might just be a win-win situation...or just a typical day in southern california. take your pick.//

 //oh yeah, there was definitely some boogey-ing happening this afternoon.//

//& then there was some of this after. OBVIOUSLY.//

//ah, benjamin at in-n-out. it's basically a no-brainer.//

 //vanilla shake for me, chocolate for the husband.//

hope you had a nice day as well! perhaps without any sunburning?


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