Sunday, August 12, 2012

a weekend in long island: montauk.

i spent the weekend in montauk preparing for & helping at a work event
(in the hamptons! more about that later). okay you guys, so, montauk?
A PIECE OF HEAVEN. it's waaaay out on the very far tip of long island,
about a two & a half/three hour drive from the city through rich forest. 
FOREST! not too far away from manhattan! it DOES exist! . my
boss & i stayed at gurney's inn, which is a chic, costs-you-your-firstborn
inn RIGHT on the beach. we had to take no more than six steps outside
our room before we ran into the gorgeous combination of sea, sand, &
water below. that atlantic, man, she is quite a tempestuous body of water.
the waves were surprisingly large & the water was choppy & dark. we
were some of the very, very few people on the entire beach, which made
everything even more magical, silent, eerie, & beautiful. behold!:

these houses! (okay, i admit the big one in the back is a hotel)

i wasn't even two minutes into being in montauk that i was already making
plans to come back, this time with husband in tow. it has this quaint,
small, beach-town feel i might have become slightly addicted to while
i was there. montauk! i love you!

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