Sunday, August 26, 2012

blurry sunday.

today was gawgeous & sunny, & consider me officially trying to soak up as much of this while i can...because classes start tomorrow! that's right. TOMORROW. how is fall 2012 here already? & how do i feel about it, you ask? well, i'm looking forward to the delicious reading i'll be doing, & the amazing professors & class discussions this website tells me i'll have. at the same time, i know in three weeks from now i'll just be wallowing in self-pity at the amount of homework given to me. it's like i'm feeling both of these emotions at once! in the meantime, some blurry pictures because i think they look kind of cool?

top: future favorites c/o tj maxx, skirt: thrited, necklace: thrifted, heels: target

hope your sunday was like disneyland! meanwhile, i'll be getting ready for school.
but i'm ready. so let's get this party started, master's program. do your worst.

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