Wednesday, August 22, 2012

four songs for missing my man.

when sweet benjamin is off fighting for truth, beauty, freedom, & love in the name of physics, well, my poor heart misses him something fierce. today i was just thinking about that guy & suddenly a bevy of songs started weaving their way through my mind. some of these songs have been with us from the very beginning! & i can't help but get a slightly giggly feeling when i think about our relationship & the parts these songs have played in it. so take a look! have a listen! stop & stay awhile!

1. i've just seen a face, the beatles

oh, this one. what was the story of this one, ben, something like you knew i was absolutely the one & only girl for you forevermore when you heard this song in the car on the way back from manti? :)

2. heart of gold, neil young.

gosh, if anyone has a heart of gold, it's ben. ask anyone! i can't help but think of him every time i hear this ditty. it almost brings tears to my eyes! just one close listen to the lyrics of this song & you'll hear the story of a good porion of my adult life. i was searching for a heart of gold, & i do declare i found it. (if you're looking for a good laugh, however, this video shows jimmy kimmel doing quite a spot-on neil young impression!)

3. skinny love, bon iver

here's a quick replay of the second text conversation ben & i ever had:

shayla: so what are you up to right now?
ben: i'm in the eyring science center doing homework all by myself :(
shayla: oh! do you have a computer nearby?
ben: i do, actually!
shayla: okay, you've GOT to listen to this song i've been
obsessed with lately. go to youtube & type in "skinny love
bon iver." it's so good! 
ben: okay, i will!
*a few minutes later*
ben: wow, that bon iver song is actually really great!

and scene.

4. home, edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

"home is wherever i'm with you"!

well, there you have it folks. a few of the songs on my playlist for sure over the next few days. have
a good night!

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