Tuesday, August 14, 2012


a few updates in a little post for your tuesday!

1. enjoying the view of los angeles.
 2. the beautiful, almost blindingly white buildings of the getty.
 3. speaking of the getty, it provides one of the best views of LA, period.
 4. saying goodbye to southern california &
boarding our teensy plane. i felt like a beatle!
 5. my boss has this quote calendar. is it bad that though i think
this quote is, you know, okay, what i really love is the stark,
simple font against the bold black & white?
 6. the best drink EVER. whoever it was that thought to 
mix these four flavors together (um, if "gold" can be considered
a flavor??) deserves a medal. & then that medal should maybe
be taken away, because this little drink is TEN DOLLARS
& i have only bought it twice, ever, for that very reason.
 7. a postcard from my friend oreo in taiwan (yes, her
english name is oreo!). i mean, "you are my lovely carrot!"? 
what does that even mean?! & yet it melts your heart. 
oreo, i am forever happy & proud to be your lovely carrot.
gosh i miss asia.
8. just sitting in for a bit on the weekly
motorcyles-of-primary-colors meeting.
 9. a study in white wall, mirror, & sneaking pictures.
 10. speaks for itself.
 11. post-sunday shenanigans, no. i.
 12. post-sunday shenanigans, no. ii.
13. caramel apple french toast.
i repeat, caramel apple french toast.

enjoy your day!

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