Tuesday, August 7, 2012

LA, LA, tra la la.

ben & i have been enjoying ourselves mightily at a family reunion in los angeles (pasadena area, to be more specific) this weekend. don't you just love the feeling of a family reunion? lots & lots of kids running around, great quantities of food, crowded tables & sleeping areas, talking late into the night - it never gets old! i really should have been taking more pictures of all the festivities, but unfortunately i haven't pulled out the camera phone until today! this afternoon after several of ben's siblings & their families left, ben & i took a little drive out to santa monica to walk along the pier & get burned at the beach - because it's never really a beach trip without a little sunburn, am i right? anyway, check out some of our adventures:

//felt love at first sight looking at some of the houses overlooking the beach. these stairs!//

 //the entire house was purple & pink!//

//today was a scorcher! the water felt so good & cool, i wanted to sing.//

 //yes we DID walk along the pier in nothing but our bathing suits, & no one even gave us a second look. & that, my friends, might just be a win-win situation...or just a typical day in southern california. take your pick.//

 //oh yeah, there was definitely some boogey-ing happening this afternoon.//

//& then there was some of this after. OBVIOUSLY.//

//ah, benjamin at in-n-out. it's basically a no-brainer.//

 //vanilla shake for me, chocolate for the husband.//

hope you had a nice day as well! perhaps without any sunburning?

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