Sunday, August 19, 2012

lazy sunday.

this weekend we went camping upstate in the finger lakes area with friends, & had SUCH a great time. i had almost forgotten how i can just stare at a campfire for hours & hours, how scary forests are at night, how delicious tinfoil dinners are, how messy s'mores are, & how calm i feel once i'm safely in a tent at the end of the night. speaking of camping, ben & i are torn about camping gear. we really want to have our own tent, sleeping bags, dutch oven, & everything else, but there just isn't really a ton of space for it anywhere in our apartment right now. i think for now we're going to wait until we move somewhere, uh, bigger than our current place. 

dress: thrifted, belt: thrifted, shoes: tj maxx

p.s. remember the funny camping magnet i loved from this post?


  1. I seriously love your style. Have you seen blogs that do "outfit breakdowns" to tell you where they got what they're wearing? Think about it because I always want to ask "Where did you get that?!"

  2. A few people have asked me about that! I've thought about it before & maybe I'll start trying it!



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