Thursday, August 30, 2012

meet our walls.

the walls in our front room have really taken on a personality of their own. they're eclectic, quirky as all get out, complex, & yet manage to look somewhat presentable once you step back & take it all in. it's almost like the walls are a PERSON. they almost remind me of myself!...except that whole looking presentable part. but enough about that. these walls tell a story, my friends! so let's take a little tour of some of the stuff we were actually crazy enough to nail up on our walls, shall we?

1. ah, "conservatives are neat freaks." are we condemning? praising? self-identifying? we'll never tell!
 2. from the cover of the first j. crew catalog i ever got...a catalog which i never really use because i can't afford anything there. but hey, i liked this cover, yeah?
 3. a little postcard i bought in taiwan. because, i mean, just LOOK at those red rays coming out of the earth.

see lots more after the jump!

 4. seeing their faces often gives me strength.
5. ditto for this one. bless my patient husband for letting these stay on the wall.
6. emBRACE it!
 7. i love this one of ben. a friend of ours took this, & printed it out, & everything!
 8. an old sewing pattern i bought at a thrift store. it wasn't until later that my mom
revealed she used this EXACT SAME DRESS PATTERN back in the day!
 9. this billy joel picture is still standing silent vigil over our little piano.
 10. tickets from the time we saw rufus wainwright in concert & LOVED it!
 11. a receipt from one of our last dinners in madrid last summer.
 12. a little snippet of our wedding invitation. hey ben, remember that one time it took us (& hannah, of course) an entire weekend to address, stamp, & stuff envelopes of wedding invitations non-stop?!
 13. the front of the program of the commencement ceremony ben &
i were in. let's hear it for graduating together!
 14. so this is a little clip from one of ben's physics textbooks. confused as to what a cat climbing 
up a ladder could possibly even mean, & what it even has to do with physics? join the club!
 15. & then there's this one, for obvious reasons. :)
 16. this little guy is a stamp we made to put on all the thank-you cards from our wedding. we found this girl on the internets who makes rubber stamp carvings of any picture you send in to her. & you want to know a secret? the picture we sent to her is in THIS POST. see if you can spot it! (i'll give you a hint: the girl took my beanie out of the carving!)

so there you have it! now you've met a few of the pictures on our walls. these pictures and images tell such stories of the life ben & i have together, & it's fun to keep them around. have a good night! 


  1. That's it. I wanna come over and see the walls in person.

  2. These all look great. Shout-out to the Taiwan postcard you bought with yours truly.



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