Monday, August 13, 2012

olympic round-up.

well, the olympics are over, & was it just me, or did they go by really
 fast?! i'm always surprised when the two weeks are up. one minute
 i'm watching the fierce five on day 4 of the games, & the next the
 spice girls have reunited for the umpteenth time (& yet i still know
ALL THE WORDS to "spice up your life." how has that happened?).
but have no fear. we here at you? me. me? you. want to make sure
the olympics last juuuuuust a little bit longer for all of us, with a
small gathering of mostly silly & harmless articles from around the 
webby web. let's get started:

1. a GIF guide to gabby 
douglas' golden night.
this one is fun.

2. a list of the olympics'

3. a sartorial jaunt with 

4. well as some fashion faux-pas.

6. pictures of michelle obama, the romneys,
& various royals all being chummy
  in the spectator seats.

7. athlete families going bankrupt for gold.

the first time i's too good
not to share one more time!

squirmy, uncomfortable, suffering, &
so dang endearing as they watch their
daughter compete.

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