Saturday, August 4, 2012

rome post: the forgotten photos.

so something i forgot to mention/blog about is that after all was said & done
in our beloved erice, ben & i took an 11 hour train back up to rome for a 
day before flying back to good old america. & in that one little holiday
back in rome, we did some wonderful things:

visited the graves of keats & shelley, such a tormented tuna:
 sorry that the sun was in THE absolutely worst place
during those few minutes that we were at shelley's grave: 
 moving on from graveyards, we also visited the bocca della verità, or mouth of truth.
the mouth of truth has gained quite the reputation as a lie detector. what you do is
stick your hand in the mouth, & if you're a liar, it gets cut off!...i'm happy to say i
still have both my hands after this little photo ideal. audrey hepburn once stuck her
hand in here too! check out the seriously cute scene from roman holiday here!
cute european cars!
 ...this one being especially well-traveled, apparently!
so this one time, ben & i were walking down the streets of rome in the incredibly
hot sun, & ben said something SO FUNNY that i just could not go on any longer.
if i remember correctly, i almost fell over. in front of this army guy & everything. 
aren't you so glad ben captured this moment on camera?! yes? maybe?
 lots of map reading, of course...
 ...& lots of church-seeing, of course!
 the pope speaks from that balcony up there every 
maundy thursday to a crowd of thousands:
 phew. what a trip. i think that we've officially finally shared photos of 
all the different parts of it here at you? me. me? you. & just in time for
our next trip! yep, tomorrow ben & i are heading to LA for a family
reunion. i don't think there will be any mouths of truths there for us to worry
about getting our hands bit it, but then again, i'm sure at least one of our
little nieces or nephews will be teething, so there will be at least a small risk. :)

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