Wednesday, August 15, 2012


nyc sure has been a hot mess lately. with all these record-breaking high temperatures it's been as hot as ever, & we (or i should just say "i," i guess; i can't 100% speak for husband. i swear that guy does NOT really sweat) cannot go ANYWHERE without wilting like a flower! & then there's the hot rain & thunderstorms that just turn everything into the everglades. ah well, we'll make it through somehow. in the meantime, i'll be pinning lots of cold-weather outfit ideas, because that cool breeziness of fall is just right around the corner!...i hope.

hat: h&m, shirt: old navy, shorts: old navy? they're so old, boots: hunter

yep, look at that benjamin of mine. crossing the road even though the glowy hand is telling him not to. such a toughie, that one!

here's hoping the weather is slightly more manageable wherever you are right now!


  1. don't why I never saw this post, BUT love the hunter with's on my list of outfits to wear!

  2. do it! it's perfect for when it's drizzly or rainy but still kind of hot out :)



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