Wednesday, August 15, 2012


nyc sure has been a hot mess lately. with all these record-breaking high temperatures it's been as hot as ever, & we (or i should just say "i," i guess; i can't 100% speak for husband. i swear that guy does NOT really sweat) cannot go ANYWHERE without wilting like a flower! & then there's the hot rain & thunderstorms that just turn everything into the everglades. ah well, we'll make it through somehow. in the meantime, i'll be pinning lots of cold-weather outfit ideas, because that cool breeziness of fall is just right around the corner!...i hope.

hat: h&m, shirt: old navy, shorts: old navy? they're so old, boots: hunter

yep, look at that benjamin of mine. crossing the road even though the glowy hand is telling him not to. such a toughie, that one!

here's hoping the weather is slightly more manageable wherever you are right now!



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