Sunday, September 30, 2012

RAGNAR 2012.

197 miles. 27 hours.12 team members. 2 vans.
saratoga springs to lake placid.

 it almost never stopped raining! here we are at the very beginning of the weekend:
& our awesome team after crossing the finish line. ragnar gave us medals!

over 27 hours, i ran 18.9 miles. ben ran 20.2 miles.
& we slept for a combined total of maybe 6 hours...maybe.
 the girls:
 & the guys (who make as little physical contact as possible, obviously!):

...oh yeah. this weekend was RAGNAR TIME.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

adorable commercial time.

when this commercial came on the other day i actually stopped what i was doing & watched it.
watch it! it's so sweet.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

this week around the internets.

gah. SO excited to share with you some of the things on the internets i've stumbled across lately. enjoyyyy!

1. did you ever have an american girl doll? (or in my case, NOT have one?)

2. ever seen gone with the wind? ever wonder what it would be like to be friends with scarlett o'hara in this modern day & age? well, now you can know. TEXTS FROM SCARLETT O'HARA (absolutely hilarious!)

3. i really like reading book lists people put together. it's just always a compelling sneak peek into the way other people think, & i like playing the game of seeing how many of the books on the list i've read. so here's an interesting list of 40 BOOKS YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO PUT DOWN. how do you feel about the list? there are some here i love & some i scoff at.

4. speaking of loving & scoffing at something at the same time, how about that oprah? but i came across this BEST OF OPRAH WINFREY SHOW page the other day & thought i might as well share...i'm sure oprah compiled this list herself because she has NO problem letting people know how awesome she is. :) but some of it's kind of fun.

5. ellen's scare montage. seriously SO FUNNY. give it a watch!

6. pages & pages of OUTFIT IDEAS.

7. hi, universe. i'd like to move into MATTHEW BRODERICK & SARAH JESSICA PARKER'S MANHATTAN TOWNHOUSE. kthanxbye.

have a nice day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

philharmonic phriday: of dinosaurs & dates.

last friday night ben & i went on a little datey-doo to dinner & the philharmonic. we not-on-purpose-but-it-was-a-happy-coincidence took the advice from this cup of jo post & met up at the restaurant after work (spaghetti for him, rigatoni for me. we love italian! yum.) & had lots & lots of fun catching each other up on our days. after that we walked up to the lincoln center (it was such a beautiful night with the slightest hint of a chilly breeze! hello fall!) to hear the philharmonic, who which played three pieces. while all the pieces were were amazing, the major highlight for me was hearing igor stravinsky's full rite of spring in person for the first time! it was so raw & powerful. ooh, i get chills just remembering. hearing rite of spring MIGHT have changed my life.

of course, you'll all recognize rite of spring from the old fantasia movie. the one with the dinosaurs! something about me is i was obSESSED with fantasia when i was young. of course, a lot of it scared me (disney movies were so much darker back then! literally AND figuratively. i mean, when that t-rex attacks?! re-watching it these days, i'm actually pretty surprised i wasn't traumatized by it all. that shiz is scary), but i remember loving it & watching it all the time when i was little. fantasia does an abridged version of the full rite of spring, & below is one a third of fantasia's whole rite of spring magic. check it out:

and pictures of the datey-doo!

 we were running a bit late & the will call line was long & stressful. we were worried we wouldn't make it in time for the first piece. but we did! phew.

 in between pieces. i love the sound of an orchestra tuning up!
 nyc=comfortable walking shoes=A MUST. meaning no heels for me on this date. 
oh well. i'm used to it by now!
 a little glimpse into avery fisher hall, home of the ny phil.
 ben LOOOOVES these little cups by the drinking fountains.

so let's hear it for datey-doos & dinosaurs!

Friday, September 21, 2012

fall tv.

fall is wonderful for so many reasons. let me list a few of those reasons here: for feeling that back-to-school rush of bouquets of sharpened pencils (name the movie!), for the crisp weather that's a perfect excuse for the wearing of dark colors & chunky sweaters, for the waterfall of school reading that's got delicious stacks of books all over our house...& for the slew of tv shows starting back up! i'm feeling overwhelmed just thinking of all the ones we want to catch. project girl...glee (i think i'm gonna stick with it another season!)...once upon a time...downton abbey is coming up...the mindy project...& more! we're going to become amazing at time management. :)

how about this pose? sorry about that. i was feeling a little cabaret in this hat.
 shirt: thrifted, hat: thrifted, pants: f21, shoes: h&m

hope your fall tv shows answer all your dreams & more!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

nyc to do: festival of san gennaro.

last weekend ben & i met up with friends to hit up the feast of san gennaro. it's a yearly festival in little italy (a really fun part of the city, in my opinion!) that attracts over a million people over its 11-day run! & believe me, those narrow streets were CROW-DED. each side of the street was packed with booths, meaning hardly any walking room for anyone! it felt a little like high season at disneyworld. :) 

oh, candid photos :)
we ordered some lemonade that was ladled out of this huge carton almost as large as a bathtub! it was all very prohibition era.
thirsty benny boy with his lemonade.
okay. HUGE sausages that still make me gag a little when i look at them.
the festival covered at least ten blocks of little italy. towards the beginning it was all still very italian-feeling, but towards the end it kind of just turned into a carnival/street fair type thing. which was sad & oddly fitting at the same time.
cannnnnoliiiii time! you know how much ben & i love us our cannoli. & how could we pass up a place that boasts the best cannoli on planet earth AND mulberry street!?

this sticker doesn't have to tell ME twice:
friends eating cannoli. spot my neon, cannoli-eating right shoulder? :)
oh you know, this lady with red hair was carrying around this gigantic tropical bird. & asked for money after we took her picture to help "pay for seeds for the bird to eat." 

met up with this sculpture on our walk.
a quick random tangent occurred later when we wandered into washington square park, where those absolutely lovely, clean, & personable occupy people were holding a giant party gearing up for the one year anniversary of this glorious revolution.

the "declaration" in which the occupy people reveal they're basically protesting against everything ever imaginable.

thank you, little italy, for putting on the festival of san gennaro! we had a great time. can't wait for next september!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

black & cello & one year thoughts.

i can't believe we've lived in new york city over a year now. a year! i still remember (with a shudder) our first few days here like it was flippin' YESTERDAY. it was around this time one year ago that we had no food...& no NOTHING for the kitchen (we used plastic knives to make pb&j sandwiches & ate them off napkins! that was our ONLY FOOD). we didn't know anyone. we missed our great group of friends & the familiar territory of provo, utah. we didn't know how to use the subway. we didn't know how to get anywhere once we were actually on the subway. we didn't know you aren't supposed to make eye contact with the crazies. we hardly remembered how to get home again once we found anywhere to go. it took us forever to find where church was on sunday. the city was one loud, smelly, & completely overwhelming what a time, i tell you, WHAT A TIME. it was awful & horrible & only about 7% exhilarating, & that was only because we were going through it together, my wonderful man & i, as an awesome little team. i'm pretty glad that whole moving-in part of our life is over...i'm breaking into a bit of a cold sweat just thinking about it! [read more about it HERE, how much of a nightmare packing was in provo HERE, husband's last day of pre-phd freedom HERE, & funny times when we bought things for our new apartment HERE] when i remember all the craziness we went through in our first few days & weeks here, i'm amazed that we actually made it through alive. because, let me tell you, there were plenty of opportunities in there when it would have been so easy to just cut our losses & give up. but here we are! one year under our belts, & many more to go. show us what you got, new york! show us what you got.

 being dramatic:
 dress: thrifted, belt: thrifted, shoes: payless.
today in church husband & i did a musical number! i played the piano, husband cello-d the audience's socks off, & a friend of ours sang. we were worried about it, but we ended up being really happy with the final product. i couldn't help but snap a few candids of ben carting his trusty instrument to & fro.

hope your sunday was a dream!

Friday, September 14, 2012


1. i love our local bookstore, not only because it reminds me slightly of the shop around the corner, but also because you can buy amazing little buttons this bicycle one! which i love.
 2. the little party we had (with just the two of us in attendance...oh, did you want an invite? you could have come) when benny finalmente came back from vancouver! is that the right use of finalmente, by the way? 
 3. an awesome yarn tree on governors island.
 4. so much matchy-matchy orange & grey happening in this picture! (poor ben is wearing my backpack, by the way, that trooper. we threw away all our other backpacks because we thought they might have had beg bugs...! so this garish number is sorta what we're left with for the time being)
 5. we didn't actually eat here, but i loved the sign & the lights.
 6. i loved this little onesie at shake shack, but alas, they didn't have any in my size.
 7. shake shack shenanigans.
 8. shake shack shenanigans.
 9. riding the subway home after big grocery shopping trips all the other subway riders just loooveee how much space we take up. :)
 10. skyping with these gems. 
 11. after months of feeling quite i-want-this about this book, i'm proud to say it's officially purchased!...& i love it. i should do a whole separate post about what a joy this little book has been.
 12. bored & snapping photos at the subway stop. it was ben's idea to take this picture! i was so proud of him. i mean, possessing the foresight to take a random picture of legs unrelated to anything else we did that night? that's got "blogger" written all over it! somebody get this guy a blog to write on!
 13. so tonight we went over to the childhood house of one of ben's physics friends...& it was the most awesomest house! (yes. "most awesomest." deal with it!) his parents have that heavily curated, highly cultivated, wonderfully well lived-in home look down to an art...literally & figuratively! check out some of the stuff they had going on.
this mask on the wall:
 this giant light hanging over their dining room table (i wish this picture showed how big it is!)
 a great record collection all lined up on the ground & snaking around the walls:
 this other mask on the wall:
 a huge library, of which i sadly only captured one tiny part of one shelf:
 & this is ben's friend himself!
...this picture isn't how old he currently is. 
 have a good night!


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