Friday, September 21, 2012

fall tv.

fall is wonderful for so many reasons. let me list a few of those reasons here: for feeling that back-to-school rush of bouquets of sharpened pencils (name the movie!), for the crisp weather that's a perfect excuse for the wearing of dark colors & chunky sweaters, for the waterfall of school reading that's got delicious stacks of books all over our house...& for the slew of tv shows starting back up! i'm feeling overwhelmed just thinking of all the ones we want to catch. project girl...glee (i think i'm gonna stick with it another season!)...once upon a time...downton abbey is coming up...the mindy project...& more! we're going to become amazing at time management. :)

how about this pose? sorry about that. i was feeling a little cabaret in this hat.
 shirt: thrifted, hat: thrifted, pants: f21, shoes: h&m

hope your fall tv shows answer all your dreams & more!

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