Friday, September 7, 2012

friday, friday, fun fun fun!

today was a really productive day! but in a pretty boring, not-really-worthy-to-blog-about-it way. i was able to get lots of things done...things like doing 5 loads of laundry (& have awkward interactions with the other laundry-using tenants of our building, of course), exercising, cleaning the bathroom, writing work emails, practicing the piano, vacuuming, doing lots of homework, & more! by 5 pm i felt great with all the mundane but necessary things i had done. and tonight ben & i bought lots of groceries, a new pair of running shoes, & a book for a class of mine. look at that! so boring, yet so productive! it's like we're adults now!...& just when i said none of it was worthy to blog about, i went & blogged about it. 

 top: h&m, flower: zara, skirt: thrifted, shoes: asos, bracelets: f21, watch: macy's.
oh, & these are the many things poor sweet ben had to hold (including my walking shoes! a must-have for nyc) all while taking pictures of his 7th favorite wife blogger. that man is a multi-tasker!...& don't worry. after our little photo sesh i carried my fair share of items. it was just funny there for a few seconds that he was carrying a billion things!...
 ...but had a smile. such a trooper.

hope your friday was great!

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