Monday, September 3, 2012

governors island.

husband is back from vancouver in a big way, you guys, & i couldn't be happier. gosh, it's so good to have him home...even though we did find ourselves having some great laughs skyping! classes for ben start tomorrow (& mine started last week), so we decided to send our last homework-less summertime day out with a spending our afternoon at governors island! (or "guv'nah's island," as i like to call it) governors island is this quaint, breezy, dreamy little getaway way down off the bottom edge of manhattan. in other news, we couldn't have picked a better day to go. the weather was perfectly cool & slightly breezy, but still pleasant enough not to need a jacket. not too hot, not too cold. 

(to get to governors island, we headed down to the south ferry stop at the very end of the 1 train & then hopped on a ferry from there.)
the ferry ride out to governors island is the shortest ferry ride i've ever been on (& i've had my share of ferry rides!) - it is probably four minutes out there! so, yes. wonderfully convenient & close.
governors island has this thrilling sculpture garden spread out over an entire field. it was so much fun to explore the sculptures. we'd walk up close to them, & take pictures, & marvel at their size, & of course remember that the sculptures on governors island were featured on project runway that one time last year.
top: i think walmart?, skirt: thrifted, necklace: thrifted, headband: buffalo exchange, sandals: saltwater (similar here)
one of the sculptures in the field garden was a to-scale replica of the face of the statue of liberty herself. even better? the public is allowed to get up close, touch it, & climb on it. so of course when we were taking pictures, it was us & 500 kids.
can you spot ben in the picture below?
this flying contraption was very leonardo davinci:
 in the treehouse, another hands-on "sculpture" that ended up being me & 500 kids:
 one of the sculptures was this little organic lending library. more power to them, am i right?
 this nice guy walking past offered to take our picture with these red chairs. i always get nervous putting our camera in the hands of strangers, but it ended up being pretty worth it, because these pictures actually didn't turn out too bad!
we so wanted to ride this contraption. it was left completely unattended! but we weren't really in a grand theft auto mood, soooooo we decided to keep our records clean for the time being.
fortress fun:
 another gorgeous governors island building. now, is it just me, or does this building look an awful lot like the clock tower struck by lightning in back to the future?

thank you, guv'nah!

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