Saturday, September 1, 2012


tonight i was a-chatting with ben on the internets (he's in vancouvaaahhh until sunday) & my computer was acting really spotty. it's pretty old & kinda slowly breaking down day by day - you'll notice in the picture below it's got all these lines running down it like wrinkles on a face. poor computer. anyway, we were skyping, the connection was spotty & the picture kept freezing. & here let me take a quick detour: something about ben is that he's the leanest packer ever. he'll be going out of town for two weeks & fit everything into an ever-lovin' carry-on. it blows me away every time because i only wish i could be that conservative in my packing. so i'm always interested in all the different outfit combinations he can make out of a carry-on sized wardrobe. now back to the main story: at one point in our conversation tonight, i asked him, "so, which of your two pairs of pants you brought are you wearing today?" & then this happened:

...aaaaaand my computer froze with this picture on the screen for about five minutes. eventually we had to just end the skype conversation & re-log back on. the magical pants picture was gone, but it would linger on in my memory forevermore...& on this blog. the end.

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