Friday, September 14, 2012


1. i love our local bookstore, not only because it reminds me slightly of the shop around the corner, but also because you can buy amazing little buttons this bicycle one! which i love.
 2. the little party we had (with just the two of us in attendance...oh, did you want an invite? you could have come) when benny finalmente came back from vancouver! is that the right use of finalmente, by the way? 
 3. an awesome yarn tree on governors island.
 4. so much matchy-matchy orange & grey happening in this picture! (poor ben is wearing my backpack, by the way, that trooper. we threw away all our other backpacks because we thought they might have had beg bugs...! so this garish number is sorta what we're left with for the time being)
 5. we didn't actually eat here, but i loved the sign & the lights.
 6. i loved this little onesie at shake shack, but alas, they didn't have any in my size.
 7. shake shack shenanigans.
 8. shake shack shenanigans.
 9. riding the subway home after big grocery shopping trips all the other subway riders just loooveee how much space we take up. :)
 10. skyping with these gems. 
 11. after months of feeling quite i-want-this about this book, i'm proud to say it's officially purchased!...& i love it. i should do a whole separate post about what a joy this little book has been.
 12. bored & snapping photos at the subway stop. it was ben's idea to take this picture! i was so proud of him. i mean, possessing the foresight to take a random picture of legs unrelated to anything else we did that night? that's got "blogger" written all over it! somebody get this guy a blog to write on!
 13. so tonight we went over to the childhood house of one of ben's physics friends...& it was the most awesomest house! (yes. "most awesomest." deal with it!) his parents have that heavily curated, highly cultivated, wonderfully well lived-in home look down to an art...literally & figuratively! check out some of the stuff they had going on.
this mask on the wall:
 this giant light hanging over their dining room table (i wish this picture showed how big it is!)
 a great record collection all lined up on the ground & snaking around the walls:
 this other mask on the wall:
 a huge library, of which i sadly only captured one tiny part of one shelf:
 & this is ben's friend himself!
...this picture isn't how old he currently is. 
 have a good night!


  1. hhahaa skyping is my new fav thing to do with you...considering we can't do much being across the country from each other.



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