Wednesday, September 19, 2012

nyc to do: festival of san gennaro.

last weekend ben & i met up with friends to hit up the feast of san gennaro. it's a yearly festival in little italy (a really fun part of the city, in my opinion!) that attracts over a million people over its 11-day run! & believe me, those narrow streets were CROW-DED. each side of the street was packed with booths, meaning hardly any walking room for anyone! it felt a little like high season at disneyworld. :) 

oh, candid photos :)
we ordered some lemonade that was ladled out of this huge carton almost as large as a bathtub! it was all very prohibition era.
thirsty benny boy with his lemonade.
okay. HUGE sausages that still make me gag a little when i look at them.
the festival covered at least ten blocks of little italy. towards the beginning it was all still very italian-feeling, but towards the end it kind of just turned into a carnival/street fair type thing. which was sad & oddly fitting at the same time.
cannnnnoliiiii time! you know how much ben & i love us our cannoli. & how could we pass up a place that boasts the best cannoli on planet earth AND mulberry street!?

this sticker doesn't have to tell ME twice:
friends eating cannoli. spot my neon, cannoli-eating right shoulder? :)
oh you know, this lady with red hair was carrying around this gigantic tropical bird. & asked for money after we took her picture to help "pay for seeds for the bird to eat." 

met up with this sculpture on our walk.
a quick random tangent occurred later when we wandered into washington square park, where those absolutely lovely, clean, & personable occupy people were holding a giant party gearing up for the one year anniversary of this glorious revolution.

the "declaration" in which the occupy people reveal they're basically protesting against everything ever imaginable.

thank you, little italy, for putting on the festival of san gennaro! we had a great time. can't wait for next september!

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