Monday, September 24, 2012

philharmonic phriday: of dinosaurs & dates.

last friday night ben & i went on a little datey-doo to dinner & the philharmonic. we not-on-purpose-but-it-was-a-happy-coincidence took the advice from this cup of jo post & met up at the restaurant after work (spaghetti for him, rigatoni for me. we love italian! yum.) & had lots & lots of fun catching each other up on our days. after that we walked up to the lincoln center (it was such a beautiful night with the slightest hint of a chilly breeze! hello fall!) to hear the philharmonic, who which played three pieces. while all the pieces were were amazing, the major highlight for me was hearing igor stravinsky's full rite of spring in person for the first time! it was so raw & powerful. ooh, i get chills just remembering. hearing rite of spring MIGHT have changed my life.

of course, you'll all recognize rite of spring from the old fantasia movie. the one with the dinosaurs! something about me is i was obSESSED with fantasia when i was young. of course, a lot of it scared me (disney movies were so much darker back then! literally AND figuratively. i mean, when that t-rex attacks?! re-watching it these days, i'm actually pretty surprised i wasn't traumatized by it all. that shiz is scary), but i remember loving it & watching it all the time when i was little. fantasia does an abridged version of the full rite of spring, & below is one a third of fantasia's whole rite of spring magic. check it out:

and pictures of the datey-doo!

 we were running a bit late & the will call line was long & stressful. we were worried we wouldn't make it in time for the first piece. but we did! phew.

 in between pieces. i love the sound of an orchestra tuning up!
 nyc=comfortable walking shoes=A MUST. meaning no heels for me on this date. 
oh well. i'm used to it by now!
 a little glimpse into avery fisher hall, home of the ny phil.
 ben LOOOOVES these little cups by the drinking fountains.

so let's hear it for datey-doos & dinosaurs!


  1. Because of this post, I have just spent the last 30 min listening to the fantasia soundtrack at my desk. love it!

  2. That makes me so happy to hear! Isn't the soundtrack great??

  3. I am totally with you on the darker Disney days! I actually felt that way (a little) about Brave; the bear was really scary sometimes, and it reminded me of old-school Disney movies.



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