Tuesday, September 4, 2012

rich kids of instagram.

oh my gosh. have you heard of "rich kids of instagram" yet? this is crazy. so, lots & lots of people use instagram, yes? including insanely rich & privileged youths (did you ever see that new girl episode where schmidt has this personal vendetta against "youths"? ben & i love that word "youths" so much it has become part of our daily lexicon!). well, one tumblr has gathered up all the instagram pictures of these youths & their absolutely unimaginable, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world, dripping-with-wealth shenanigans & put them all in one place. one click to this tumblr will have you looking at instagram pictures of $20,000 restaurant receipts, hamptons adventures in bentleys, trips on private jets & yachts, parties in cannes or italy, sneak peeks into gigantic mansions, closets full of louis vuittons, & more. it's an annoying, depressing, barf-inducing, & unfortunately strangely riveting look at how that upper half lives. grr. youths!!!

check out Rich Kids of Instagram HERE.


photos via richkidsofinstagram.

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