Tuesday, September 11, 2012

stairway shadow.

thyestes. perceval. statistical physics. the waste land. troilus and criseyde. the theory of quantum liquids. the duchess of malfi. richard iii. condensed matter field theory. these titles & more are just a few of the bundles of joy we've been reading these first few weeks of class. how is school going for you? (if you're in school, that is) 

shirt: old navy, jeans: marshalls, heels: thrifted, lipstick: nars' schiap.
how about that SERIOUS hand angle-age going on in this picture below?:
& just because ben really didn't want to take this picture & it ended up being just kind of funny...

i would write more, but alas, dinner & dishes are calling my name!...actually that's not true. only dinner is calling my name, because ben & i switch off. when he does dinner, i'll do dishes. & when i do dinner? he does dishes...AND gives me a foot massage. it's tough, i know, but we all gotta compromise somewhere! later dudes!

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