Tuesday, September 25, 2012

this week around the internets.

gah. SO excited to share with you some of the things on the internets i've stumbled across lately. enjoyyyy!

1. did you ever have an american girl doll? (or in my case, NOT have one?)

2. ever seen gone with the wind? ever wonder what it would be like to be friends with scarlett o'hara in this modern day & age? well, now you can know. TEXTS FROM SCARLETT O'HARA (absolutely hilarious!)

3. i really like reading book lists people put together. it's just always a compelling sneak peek into the way other people think, & i like playing the game of seeing how many of the books on the list i've read. so here's an interesting list of 40 BOOKS YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO PUT DOWN. how do you feel about the list? there are some here i love & some i scoff at.

4. speaking of loving & scoffing at something at the same time, how about that oprah? but i came across this BEST OF OPRAH WINFREY SHOW page the other day & thought i might as well share...i'm sure oprah compiled this list herself because she has NO problem letting people know how awesome she is. :) but some of it's kind of fun.

5. ellen's scare montage. seriously SO FUNNY. give it a watch!

6. pages & pages of OUTFIT IDEAS.

7. hi, universe. i'd like to move into MATTHEW BRODERICK & SARAH JESSICA PARKER'S MANHATTAN TOWNHOUSE. kthanxbye.

have a nice day!


  1. Ellen so hilarious !!!! Taylor Swift one was the best homegirl fell to the ground!

  2. I know! The whole thing is so funny!



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