Monday, October 15, 2012

bar mitzvah-ing.

you know you've really made it in new york city when you get invited to a bar mitzvah. have you ever been? it's an nyc coming-of-age ritual to be invited to a jewish coming-of-age ritual! ben & i had the best time. it's so interesting, deeply fulfilling, & humbling, in a lot of ways, to be included in the ceremonies of other religions. 

furtively filling out the card on the corner of 5th pre-ceremony:

enjoying the quiet, chic hush of the upper east side. it really feels so stately over there. everyone is well-dressed & carrying around shopping bags from bloomingdales, jimmy choo, or different than the raucous party & crowded, booming streets of the upper west side!

little justin's bar mitzvah was at the temple emanu-el, which is a GORGEOUS place:

a quick interior shot of the temple...don't worry, it was before everything started! although you can catch a glimpse of the boy man of the hour there in the bottom left. pictures probably aren't allowed during the actual ceremony? but there was wonderful organ prelude & such a feeling of excitement & reverence, which, hey, is awesome.

they gave us all prayerbooks for the times when the congregation responds. so we were able to participate in a little way! except when they went into full-on hebrew. husband & i speak some languages between us, but hebrew ain't one of them. :)

overall it was a great experience. in a fun little fyi, did you know the word "bar" in "bar mitzvah" is a jewish babylonian aramaic word meaning "son," & the hebrew word for "son" is "ben"? ben! i love that name! even more reason for us to start attending bar mitzvahs more often. :) we were bummed we couldn't stay for the party after (we had to go on back for a meeting at our own church! so much church happened this day), because everyone who's anyone KNOWS bar mitzvah parties are awesome (be sure to check out 4:21 on of the video link. it is SO. FUNNY). but we'll go next time! next time. in lieu of attending the hopping bar mitzvah party, later that night we stopped off for some of our favorite milkshakes-to go at tom's.

chocolate malts for the win! mazel tov.

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  1. Loved this. I haven't been to a bar mitzvah, but I would love to go to one someday! Glad you enjoyed your visit to the East Side :)



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