Thursday, October 4, 2012


ah, new jersey york basketball. after 35 seasons in new jersey, the nets are moving down to atlantic avenue. we're talking brooklyn, people! to the really nice, really new, really huge barclays center. to celebrate this great grand opening (& commemorate his role as nets minority owner), the rapper jay-z is putting on EIGHT concerts, EIGHT nights in a row. talk about one intense week-&-a-day! & sure, i like me some jay-z every once in a while. so imagine my surprise when, at 4 pm yesterday, i found out the brother of a friend had one free extra ticket to the show THAT NIGHT - in a corporate suite! & that free ticket was being offered to me! how could i say no? i ask you, how could i say no? so here's how the rest of my day went:

the note i left so husband wouldn't be abandoned. had to keep up at 
least some semblance of cooking duties, you know. (i should stop &
give husband his rightful credit. he's a great cook & can totally fend
for himself in the kitchen)
 spiked shoes. this IS brooklyn we're talking about.
 they added a whole new name to the subway stop right next to the 
barclays center & everything! hear that, jay-z? there is NO turning back now.
 the house that hova built.
& can i just say i think the new brooklyn nets logo is genius?
 our private little suite! we had food & drinks delivered to us, we could sit whenever we wanted to & never had to worry about not being able to see, our unobstructed view was amazing, i felt feeling was all so spoiling! as in, i felt spoiled.
 just to clarity that we were @suitelevel.
 pre-concert. the barclays center is huge!
 another view of the huge new barclays center.
there he is! look at that jay. looking so cool. & pretty well-rested, 
considering it was his 5th night in a row performing his guts out.
jay-z was born & raised in brooklyn, so he kept reminding us that it was an especially historical & great event that he was performing at the new brooklyn arena. it all came full circle, y'all. i'm sure beyonce is proud.
there was a fantastic light show going on the whole time. well done, jay.

more cool lights.
& more cool lights.
jay-z was actually a really nice guy. he would stop & talk every once in a while
between songs, & during his encore he had everyone light up their cell
phones or lighters (which a lot of people had. it
was like, what is this, a journey concert?!) & it looked beautiful!
"grand opening celebration"! aren't we fancy???
& you're darn right brooklyn now has a home team!

the concert was actually a blast. it was just such a fun experience & lots of fun concert-energy.
so excited for the new barclays center! it will be very interesting to see what else brooklyn brings us in the next few years...

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