Saturday, October 13, 2012

minutes from our friday date night.

ben asked me out earlier this week to go on a date with him tonight, real gentlemanly & proper-like (sorry, still on a slight british bend while coming down from a serious "downton abbey" marathon high. we also watched harry potter 7.2 recently, which didn't help things either. so around these parts we're putting rubbish in the bin, calling the lift, & pronouncing the letter "z" "zed" & that sort of thing). so naturally i said yes (because who can say no to husband's clear-ocean-blue eyes? no one, i tell you) & naturally i got all gussied up in a large white sheepdog & met up with him at ollie's at 5:40 on the dot. ..okay, okay, 5:43. i can't be on time ALL the time...or ever.

dinner was one of those sorts of things where one minute things were like this...

...& the next minute they were like this.

after dinner we headed over to the met to check out the andy warhol exhibit that's going on right now, & to generally bask in all the wonderful met-ness. now, sometimes i get nervous about andy warhol & his art because he, along with marilyn monroe, audrey hepburn, & the word "hipster," have almost become so ubiquitous & over-used that sometimes i feel like he's lost all meaning & power. but not tonight, folks! the andy warhol exhibit rocked. well chosen, mate (i'm referring to you, ben! "mate" is another one of those britishisms, see what i did there?)

our trip to met was one of those sorts of things where one minute sheepdog & i were here...

...& the next minute we were there. (p.s. the pictures i'm looking at below were taken from google street view! an artist took one google street view image from every state & lined them up alphabetically by the state's abbreviation. "the age of great american road trips from your computer chair," they called it.)

 & then sheepdog & i would look over & see ben over here...

...& then the next minute he'd be over there, bonding with jackson.

& then, out of all those minutes we were at the met, one of the most glorious minutes of all was the time husband, sheepdog & i met in front of THIS AWESOME PIECE OF ART.

in the final minutes of our friday night date, we stopped over at husband's office at columbia (lookey loo who gets an office!) to pick up a few of his things he needed for the weekend. 

in the final, final moments of our friday night date, we watched harry potter 7.2...& then i made this blog post. so now you know why i've got britishisms so fresh in my mind. don't get your knickers in a bundle, queue up, grab your jumper & put your books in your rucksack, etc. etc.

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