Sunday, October 21, 2012

our sunday.

what a weekend we've had! gorgeous weather, being able to sleep in a tiny little bit, a trip to sleepy hollow, finally catching up on the project runway finale...oh, & maybe bits & pieces of homework here & there. :)  & is it just me, or did ben & i eat wayyyyy too much this weekend? three different kinds of homemade donuts & pumpkin muffins at a a donut party, apple cider, italian food, chinese food, oreo milkshakes...oh my. i need to stop listing it all off or it will just make me depressed!

top: f21, necklace: thrifted, belt: f21 (old!), skirt: thrifted, shoes: tjmaxx.

have a good night!


  1. OMG- didnt you love the finale of PR. all the collections were SO good!

  2. they were! i was actually kind of surprised that they all worked it out so well!



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