Thursday, October 11, 2012

perfect pumpkin pancakes PSA.

consider this a public service announcement: if you're ever grocery shopping, & come across any kind of mix for pumpkin pancakes, BUY SAID MIX, i said, BUY that pumpkin pancake mix. trust me. you'll be so glad you did. cook them up nice & thick, slather some boysenberry jam on top, get your husband to cook them up if you can (i don't know how it happened, but ben is just the pancake man in our house. whenever we decide to eat pancakes, somehow it always ends up that he just takes over & cooks those puppies to perfection), & baby, you've got yourself a party.

 i am still so iffy about the middle part. i'm never 100% sure it looks good on me.
a random little end note, but true.

have a good night! are you watching joe & "his friend" paul duke it out??


  1. i love the middle part on you! just stick with it, it took me a couple weeks to get used to it but now its love!

  2. i love the middle part, as well! and the idea of pumpkin pancakes. done + done!



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