Sunday, October 21, 2012

sleepy hollow.

ah, westchester county. upstate new york is beautiful! it's home to brilliantly colored leaves, a bit of the gorgeous hudson river valley...& the headless horseman! today ben, jordan, patrick, & i headed up (headed...headless horseman...see what i did there??) to the place where ichabod crane had his unfortunate run-in with the headless horseman himself in washington irving's the legend of sleepy hollow. the drive only took about 35 minutes by car (also accessible by train). sleepy hollow is a perfect place to really get in the halloween mood. it's one of those distinct small northeastern towns that makes you feel like you're right back in the late 18th century (if you just pretend the gas station isn't right there). the weather was perfectly sunny but not too toasty, we were able to scuffle through leaves on the ground, & we even felt a little spooked when the sun went down!...& promptly proceeded to head into the nearest (lit) restaurant for protection from the headless horseman/dinner.

a few sights around town:

how cool is this? the actual bridge doesn't exist anymore, but we were at
the very spot where the headless horseman finally met up with poor ichabod. 

 this little dude was just chilling:

the book of corn cookery! a must-have for any 1790s kitchen.
the orange & black signs!

nature! or, as i like to call it, "i don't think we're in new york city anymore":

there were delightful bridges over little rivers everywhere.

the cemetery:

 (wouldn't you love to be buried in such a pretty place?...what? 
i went to sleepy hollow today! i'm feeling morbid. :)
 this line of treeeeeees:

 a spooky little curve in the road at the cemetery:

 we felt bad for whoever's grave this was. 
that poor thing was only about four inches out of the ground & just off on its own!
 we liked the little "h" they added on after realizing they maybe misspelled "susannah,"
& how she is married to "wolvert."
& the union church of pocantico hills. this church was attended by the whole lot of the rockefeller family (apparently some still attend!). as they began to die the remaining rockefellers commissioned artists like, oh, henri matisse & marc chagall to create these impeccably beautiful & inspiring stained glass windows in their memory. sorry i don't have more pictures! we weren't allowed to take any photographs inside. normally that doesn't stop me at all & i have no problem sneaking at least one image out of the joint, but we made up four of the five people there, so it was just too painfully conspicuous. but you can kind of see the stained glass from the outside in this picture below...? yes?

& the best part: the people!

& a big final YAY for sleepy hollow. it was the most perfect little half-day trip.
in closing, this somewhat funny snickers commercial about "horseless headsman."

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