Saturday, October 6, 2012

the newest frandsen!

we're so excited about the new little bundle of joy to join our family!

please join us in welcoming

macarthur "mac" steve jobs frandsen.

this little guy came into our world at 2.38 pounds & 11 inches long.
mother & baby are doing great.
isn't he a little angel? & already sitting up all on his own! 
we're working on crawling next.

it was such a rush when we knew it was time to go pick up mac!

here's ben taking a look at all the other newborns. but none are
as smart and talented as ours. i still remember the first time we saw mac. right then, we knew he was meant to be ours forever. it was like we instantly connected.

mac & his mama! i wish you could see his sweet face in this picture, but we had to keep 
him all bundled up & protected on the busy new york city streets!

mac fills our lives with joy. we are so blessed to be his parents.

mac & his papa on our first family walk. such a fun moment! i cried a little.

rocking mac to sleep while we ordered dinner. 
we're still figuring out a sleeping schedule, but we're close.

mac stayed up long enough for a little treat from papa.
he's already keeping down solid foods! it was such a
precious milestone, i absolutely HAD to take a picture.

mac's first escalator ride! luckily
he had his strong papa to keep him safe.

mac is already fitting into his daddy's baby clothes!
i'm so glad he held still while i took this picture. it's
such a huge milestone i absolutely HAD to get it on
camera. you guys, i seriously cried a little. they
grow up so fast!

i love this one, because a naked sleeping baby picture
is an absolute must for all newborns. they're just so sweet 
& peaceful when they sleep.

thank you for all your support & love at such an exciting time in our lives.
we love our sleek, well-behaved, little white-eyed boy! we can already tell
he's got the sweetness of his papa & the sassiness of his mama. 
he's truly the apple of our eyes!

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  1. Shayla, this post is genius. Jonathan has three loves: First, his family. Second, the church. Third, Apple products.

    Also, you have all the memes of a mormon mommy blog down pat. All you need is a real baby . . .



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