Saturday, November 24, 2012

4 fantastic covers.

sometimes i love me some song covers, & sometimes i don't. sometimes i'm like, "WOW, so & so musician, write up your OWN music, okay? so & so musician #1 has already sung this song! don't just go stealing other songs, because that's lazy!" & other times, the cover musician adds a new element to the song that might have gone previously untapped. & when that happens, my friends, everything changes. & that's when i love covers. below i've listed just a few fantastic covers (4, to be exact) that totally deserve to exist. so let's get started.

1. "skinny love."

here's the original (which reminds me of husband every. single. time!):

& here's the cover by birdy. it adds such a painful new element from a woman's point of view.

2. "limit to your love."

here's the original by feist. it's a song already haunting because, let's be honest, it's sung by leslie feist, & she's like a beautiful ghost haunting all of her songs:

& here's the cover by james blake. am i committing the heresy of all heresies when i say i might actually prefer his version to feist's? it's just that those two opening piano chords slay me right in my soul. MY SOUL!

3. "the boxer."

simon & garfunkel at their best. what else do i need to say?

& a recent version by mumford & sons. they add a new element of ferocity & woundedness to an already emotionally raw song.

4. "hurt."

check out this edgy, almost eerie original by nine inch nails. maybe it's the whispering that makes it slightly wonky to me, but hey, trent has composed some pretty good soundtracks since, so i can't hate.

but holy guacamole this cover by johnny cash. can you imagine JOHNNY CASH covering your song? if you're going to listen to any of the songs on this blog post at all, make it this one. i absolutely love this song. chills, tears, shivers, all of it. 


  1. Shayla, you find the music I wish I could! That last song "hurt" Johnny Cash version I first heard on a cassette (I'm not really that old, but maybe I am) that my very first boyfriend made for me. It didn't work out, obviously, but I'll always love him for his music :)

  2. i love it! i first heard the song when i was a student in provo...on a cd, but don't worry, i made mixed tapes so much in high school it was practically my middle name! :)



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