Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a night at the opera.

growing up, i never really knew much about opera. luckily, that all changed the first week of my freshman year in college. i think i might have mentioned this before, but that humanities 101 class changed my life. we were given a cd of opera pieces to study & learn during the semester, & i fell in love with it all. in LOVE! so imagine my happiness back when we moved here to new york city, one of the great opera hotspots of the country (if not the world??) with quick & wonderful access to lots & lots of opera. 

so there's turandot. i've been wanting to see turandot since way back when. & "nessun dorma"! the most soul-smashing, tear-jerking aria in turandot is "nessun dorma." it comes right after the 2nd intermission, at the height of the plot (see the full synopsis for turandot HERE). the aria is sung by the tenor lead & contains one of THE highest tenor notes in any opera...ever! i still remember my humanities 101 teacher telling us the note at 2:46 of the below video is so difficult for tenors to reach, most opera audiences still tense up during the build-up worrying over whether or not the singer will actually hit the note that night. i admit i got a little worried myself when we were watching him sing last weekend! but when he's beautiful. like i said, soul-crushing. just watch pavarotti's face as he sings. such an intense & emotional note & he is SO triumphant afterwards, you can just tell. when the first few notes of "nessun dorma" began the other night, my heart just thrilled. i was in tears by the end! hearing "nessun dorma" live was seriously on my bucket list, & now i'm all like, check THAT one off!

here are a few snapshots from our night at the opera:

 basking in the pre-opera glow:
 still a great view from the 2nd-to-last row seats, right??
 my opera partner-in-crime:

 the met @ lincoln center building is gawgeous. these lights in the lobby!
 & my opera partner-in-crime looking at said lobby lights:
 we love these little drinking cups!

 statue in the lobby:
 we loved these curved stairs:
 proving that basking in the post-opera glow can still happen in subway stations:
 after turandot, we headed for a late-night bite at our corner chinese place. now you see the food...
 ...& now you don't.



  1. If Faust ever comes you way, you have to see it! That's my favorite. I'm not a true true opera lover because I don't love to listen to it without a visual, but live opera is magnificent.

    We're all about the nosebleed seats, too.



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