Thursday, November 29, 2012

holiday travel.

well, folks, it's time for the big reveal of our holiday travel plans. i say "big reveal" like it's been on purpose that i've been waiting this long to tell you, but in reality i just hadn't gotten around to blogging about it yet. honesty is the best policy here.

so. drum roll please!

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...we are going to africa! addis ababa, ethiopia, to be exact. addis ababa is the capital city of ethiopia and often even referred to as "the political capital of africa."

ben's research advisor is leading a "joint u.s.-africa materials initiative" (JUAMI for short) workshop there to help promote international/african physics. which, you know, more power to him, am i right? in the meantime, benny will be heading out there to attend & help, & a week later, his 7th favorite wife blogger will be flying out to meet him. we fly back to the u.s. on december 22, just right in the (saint) nick of time for christmas in seattle.

check out the cute facebook page about it created & managed by benjamin a. himself! maybe even "like" it if you feel so inclined. haha. & speaking of "JUAMI," ben & i have been saying things lately like, "juami make you some dinner?" or "juami call the cable guy about our broken remote?" it's very funny. just try saying "juami" out loud, pronounced exactly like it's spelled, & hopefully you'll start to catch our vision.

we feel very excited & blessed at the wonderful opportunities we've had through ben's program & columbia. we certainly do not take any of these opportunities for granted.

so look out, africa, because here we come in a blaze of physics glory! (although in reality it will be in a tired, disheveled, disgusting NON-glory, at least on my part, when i get off that plane (honesty is the best policy, remember?). can we TALK about how many hours it is going to take on a plane to get to africa?)


  1. Such a great facebook page! But if I like it, people might think I'm into physics which = social suicide! ;) It's like when I walk in the Widtsoe to see Tyler, I'm like, I've gotta be careful that no one sees me, heaven forbid someone think I'm a science major!!!!!! :)



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