Tuesday, November 27, 2012

as seen in our apartment.

things are feeling real cheery around here as we get into the swing of finals that leave us barely alive the christmas season. we leave the house every day all bundled up in yummy chunky scarves & gloves & it's all starting to feel real, you know? thanksgiving sneaks up before you even know it, like "holy WHOA tomorrow is thanksgiving?" sort of thing, but christmas gets a nice looooong wind-up so by the time it comes around you can hardly wait with excitement. 

of course, we'll be gone for most of december & well into january with our holiday travels (perhaps i'll update you with those soon! teaser.) so we're not really getting a tree (is that blasphemous? lemme say it again: we'll be gone most of the month. so the tree would probably die). but heck, tree or no, we've got christmas music playing like crazy & christmas candy like you wouldn't believe (i tend to go gaga in that section of target). anyway, here's what else is going on in apartment #55:

as seen on our couch:

as seen on this delightful little red seat in the corner:

i took the same picture below with the light off, but i think the light on adds an especially sweet tinge of drama, don't you? especially on our friend sir reginald the reindeer (all the best ones are knighted). the first time husband saw sir reggie his reaction was, "whoa, did you slay a marble stag on the way home?" you know it, benjamin. you know it. oh, yes, & as seen on our side table:

as seen on top of bookshelf #1 (we have a bookshelf #2, but nothing is on top of it. yet.):

OH YES WE DID (remember how i get in the target christmas candy section??):

as seen near our front door (it rained ALL. DAY. TODAY):

ben & i have an unspoken rule that i just made up & haven't told him about yet that when i decorate, i get to decorate with pictures of benjamin absolutely whenever & wherever i want to. oh, & as seen in our bathroom:

also as seen in our bathroom (currently wearing/obsessed with this color):

as seen on our calendar: 

as seen on our fridge (found this full-page, nearly caption-less beaut in an entertainment weekly one time! what else could i do but put in on our fridge? i ask you!):

tonight ben & i will cuddle up with a hot stack-a these. smothered with applesauce & peanut butter for him, boysenberry jam for her. 

we'll watch the newest episode of this, & then of this.

i'm planning on introducing husband to this album tonight, although we're currently listening to the christmas radio station where this lady reigns supreme. blast that exceptionally soothing, syrupy smooth voice of hers! (plus, did you know homegirl is a single mother to 13 children?! what the!)

have a good night!

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