Saturday, November 17, 2012

cousin + nyc: day 1.

so there's something special that goes on in the whipple family. we're all really close! i feel so lucky to have cousins so near to me in age & who lived within road-trip distance for so much of my life growing up. so my cousin/bff lauren lives with her husband in oregon & decided to up & visit us way over here in nyc!...which i think is the best decision ever. lauren & i have known each other basically our whole lives & we've managed to have a blast the entire time. check out this funny/embarrassing (aren't most funny things embarrassing at the same time? especially when it comes to pictures from the past??) walk down memory lane lauren posted on her blog a few days ago. anyway, monday to monday! a week to experience all of the wondrous sights (& eats!) this crazy, amazing, dirty city has to offer. let's get started. day one saw us checking off lots of things off our to-do list:

tea & scones at alice's tea cup on the upper west side. it's all about the experience at alice's tea cup - go there if you're in the mood for some tea straight out of a teapot, delightful decor, & water from a straw out of a glass jar. we ordered the christmas mix herbal tea (wonderfully minty, fruity, christmas-y) & 2 scones - pumpkin caramel & mixed berry. yum!

after the small brunch, we scampered on over to the drybar. the drybar is a wonderful place where they offer you drinks, let you choose something to read out of hundreds of magazines, & then they wash your hair & blowdry it out all flippy, curly, fluffy, & voluminous. basically, it's one of the best places on earth. plus, it's got a wonderful gray-&-yellow decor. let's hear it for the drybar!

little blowdry fixtures as cardholders! i know, right?

dear universe,
can i please have someone blowdry my hair into fabulousness every day?

after the drybar we zoomed on down to the brooklyn bridge. it's a nice 15-ish minute walk across the bridge, with a great view of the water & the city. the brooklyn bridge is really a must for anyone visiting the city, as is almost getting sideswiped on the narrow walkway by angry people riding their bikes into brooklyn. we had a great time taking pictures...& just chatting away, of course! duh.

after landing over in brooklyn, we walked a few more blocks to grimaldi's for some hot pizza (which tasted delicious after a cold, windy walk across the bridge), which was a great idea. normally the lines there wind all the way out to staten island, but since we went at about 3 pm, we missed the entire lunch crowd and completely beat the dinner rush. we were the only ones in there! & therefore the waiters had tons of free time on their hands, meaning one came over & voluntarily took about 35 pictures of us. thanks again, waiter jon! (i'm just kidding. i don't actually remember his name)

so. that was (most of) our day one! after my class that night, we met up with benny at cafe lalo to nosh (daily goal to use the word "nosh" somewhere in conversation DONE!) on their succulent, really-actually-pretty-overwhelming-because-there-are-so-many-options treats. i'm telling you, they have over 45 different kinds of cakes! & don't even get me STARTED on the pies. or the tarts. or their specialty menu. we also had fun marveling that we were in the exact same cafe where this scene was filmed! anyway, for even more pictures & details from our nyc day 1, check out HERE.

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  1. hahahah laughed out loud. the way you describe dead on.



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