Sunday, November 18, 2012

cousin + nyc: day 2.

ah, day 2 of lauren being in town. just another long day (that went by really fast) for us to take over nyc, one restaurant/theater/clothes store/etc. at a time.

our day started out nabbing tickets for wicked. we made sure to get to the gershwin theater nice & early to get cheap tickets...& turns out we were the first two people in a line of about 6 & our tickets were still almost $100. oh well. onward & upward!

dean & deluca! lemon poppyseed muffin! pumpkin spice white chocolate hot chocolate!

after dean & deluca, we headed down to soho, where i put in a few hours of work. in the meantime, lauren explored soho, which has lots & lots of yummy (& devastatingly expensive) boutiques & fun little shops. we met up for lunch at balthazar, which was a great idea. lauren & i split a chicken sandwich, which was another great idea.

(plus, isn't this baby ketchup the cutest??! found at my boss' apartment, where i was working from)

after i finished up working in the afternoon, we headed over to dylan's candy bar on the upper east side.  i really love dylan's & i love taking visitors there. it's not only a candy store - it's an experience! it ended up working out perfectly, because we are able to pick up some treats to eat at wicked later on that night. 

sour strawberry belts & grapefruit & pineapple candies. yummmm.

one other cool thing about dylan's is that they have tons little boxes of movie star's hand-picked favorite candy. & most of them are signed, too! so now i know the favorite candy of one of my faves, mindy kaling (who provided this still-compelling look into the mind of the modern man). thanks mucho, dylan!

another favorite, for obvious reasons. 

rows upon rows of candy. dylan's is not for the faint of heart, y'all.

after dylan's came the ultra-fantastic, uber-thrilling main event of the night: wicked!!! (where we ate our dylan's candy. we were sneaking the candy at first, but then at the beginning of the show the announcer said, "please turn off your cell phones & unwrap all candy bars now." so i guess one can now eat food in broadway shows! who knew??) 

ben & i have been wanting to see wicked ever since we moved here to nyc, but we were never in much of a rush because we're still here for so many more years, you know? we've got all the time in the world! so lauren was good to give me a kick in the pants to finally see it. & now it's even better, because ben didn't come with us & i have a great excuse to go see it a 2nd time! & if any of you ever want to come visit us, & what can i say...WE. LOVED. IT. i mean, this song, right?? wicked is magical! plus it featured a strong, sassy, smart (& green!) female lead. what's not to love!? i ask you! check out more details & even more wonderful pictures of our day 2 HERE.

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