Thursday, November 22, 2012

cousin + nyc: roundup.

wow. so i kind of dropped the ball on finishing up blogging about when lauren came to visit. the other day ben was like, "didn't you only blog about the first two days of lauren's trip? don't you need to finish blogging about that?" so you know if even benny boy has an opinion about it, someone has got to get on it...namely, your 7th favorite blogger. so lemme attempt to do a quick roundup of the rest of the crazy adventures lauren & i went on while she was here in the city. before i begin i should really say i took a pitiful amount of pictures compared to how many lauren took. i really should have taken more pictures, but it wasn't a vacation for me...i live here, you know? when visitors come i get a bit lazy about taking pictures, but i shouldn't. so i let lauren take the pictures, & of course, i knew later i'd just link to her blog so you can check out more details. anyways, let's get started:

we hit up the city bakery in the flatiron district. we're talking thick hot chocolate, fatty marshmallows the size of a fist...we were in heaven.

we also treated ourselves to a mani/pedi that felt really well deserved after days of walking.

one night after my class we picked up some yummy banana pudding at magnolia bakery (sadly, their cupcakes are not the most tasty thing there. get the banana pudding!)

lauren & i hit up the rockette's show at radio city music hall, which was a blast, of course. afterwards, we met up with ben to walk around rockefeller center & then stop it at the nearby anthropologie. if you're ever near an anthropologie, be sure to stop on in just to look around because it is an experience. hence these magnifying glasses as part of their store decor:

& pretty pretty ballerina skirts that i admit i sort of coveted up the wazoo:

looooved walking around with these two. we would just talk & laugh & laugh:

pizza at patsy's later on that night. the 1/2 margarita 1/2 pepperoni is always a good choice.

discovering ben's shoe twin on the subway:

gi-normous cookies at levain...later we came to the conclusion that these weren't really cookies, they were more like giant piles of cookie dough that just got stuck in an oven...& let's not even talk about how many calories they were. we'll just ignore that part.

this was that scary 5 minutes lauren thought she lost her credit card (or was it a debit card? i can't remember). luckily she found it soon after this & ended up NOT having to face the wrath of andre by using the wrong card! ha. (don't worry, let's remember my husband is the same way! :)

dark chocolate chocolate chip peanut butter cookie! BOOM:

oh, we saw this. & we were TOTALLY seduced by the darkness.

the gorgeous red curtain of the phantom theater, & of course the chandelier that "figured in the famous accident" of the opera house (that thing actually swung around!)

yummy bruschetta we picked up at ben's string quartet show at cafe vivaldi in noho...

...& the panini too. good food + good music!

after ben's show we just so happened to bump into this waffle truck on the side of the road that i love. we bought a hot waffle covered in speculoos & nutella & we all agreed it was the best decision we had made collectively in the past few hours. 

man oh man. what a fantastic week with lauren. SO happy she came, seriously love this girl! also, she was the great kind of visitor who comes all prepared with a list of stuff she wants to do...which makes it so easy for us hosts! all we have to do is navigate. so note to anyone that wants to come visit...come with at least a few items on a to-do list! it makes everyone's experience that much better. :) check out lauren's blog for our day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, & an awesome videeooooo of nyc in motion! lauren doesn't kid around, you guys.


  1. hahaha hilar! laughed about the card fiasco! gosh andre would have freaked...homeboy is scary when it comes to $$$$$$. loved coming to NYC!! your the best HOST :) thank you a million times for that trip :)



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