Friday, November 2, 2012

dinner at home.

ben & i love having friends over for dinner. it feels so cozy to sit around a table tucking away some yummy food & enjoying lovely conversation. one of the best things about having people over is in those precious hours before they come. i love cooking dinner with ben. he has become really, really good at asking, "okay, what should i do next?" & then listening as i give him the next step in the master plan (in other news, who knew i would actually kind of sometimes somewhat enjoy taking charge in my own kitchen? it's almost as if it were...domestic...or something. weird.). anyway, one of the best things that happens when ben & his 7th favorite wife blogger cook together is that they enjoy several hours of uninterrupted conversation. that benny boy & i, we cook our food, we chat, we wash a couple dishes to try & get ahead of the end-of-the-night-stressful-huge-dish-overload, we chat, ben will bust out this apron (if we're feeling rowdy), we set the table, we chat some's wonderful.

buying a pie & heating it up in the oven counts as cooking too, right...?? (here's a truth for you to chew on: i have yet to make a pie on my own from scratch in this lifetime. i guess i'm kind of terrified of making pies? i just feel like so many things could go wrong. like, you'll go & make this killer crust & then the insides turn out all gunky & bad. or vice versa. it's like the bakery stars have to align just so for your pie to turn out well. although lately i've been hearing rumblings that buying a crust & then filling it up isn't as hard? so i'm going to ponder on that the next few years.)
 THIS (i believe i mentioned the saga of the trader joe's pumpkin ice cream here)
 ah, vegetables: not as pretty in pictures as pie or ice cream, but just as necessary to the food pyramid :)

so if you're ever in town...come over for dinner! we'll buy an extra-special delicious pie for you. :)

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