Monday, November 26, 2012


really, daniel day-lewis? don't you ever get tired of being the greatest actor this generation has ever seen? it doesn't help that you're so incredibly private with your personal life, meaning that for all we know, you could be a robot - or an alien. we seriously would probably never know. after watching "lincoln" last friday with the fam, i'm starting to lean towards alien, myself. seriously, guys, check out just how alienish-y amazing "lincoln" (& good old daniel) is:

you just gotta go & get all method-y & immersed in your character, don't you, daniel day-lewis? you just gotta make every character you ever play the most amazing thing to ever happen to modern cinema. i mean, it was while watching "lincoln" that i decided i either a) wanted to be lincoln, or b) be best friends with him. & when lincoln was shot (the least spoiling of all spoiler alerts)?!? i cried REAL TEARS, people! it was like i was losing my best friend. oh my heavens. it also doesn't help, daniel day-lewis, that i love learning more about how you work from this video, & that your hair in said video looks really, really awesome, & in general you strongly resemble the lead singer of a band that your 7th favorite blogger is proud to call one of her favorites.

see what i mean? definitely possibly an alien. maybe they referenced him in "men in black" & i just didn't notice. plus, can we talk about daniel's black & white ascot that is totally happening in the picture above??

anyway, long story short, daniel day-lewis is out-of-this-world crazy good at anything acting he ever goes. & the moral of this story, you might ask? go see "lincoln." the end!


  1. okay soooo we saw Lincoln with Christopher...lets just say he was the only history buff there aka only one who understood what was going on...yikes I am an ashamed American citizen...woopsie.

  2. Haha! We definitely looked up a few things on Wikipedia ourselves after seeing the movie...

  3. I'm totally with you on this one. It's a geometric proof of sorts. Daniel Day-Lewis is in the movie Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing. Ergo, the movie was AMAZING. But then the proof blows up because besides being amazing, I now feel like I know Lincoln, someone Daniel Day-Lewis has never even met.



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