Thursday, November 29, 2012

love comes in every shade.

so in new york city there are a lot of ads. they're everywhere: inside (& outside!) subways, inside (& outside!) buses, draped down skyscrapers, zooming around on the top of taxis, and tucked in as little inserts in newspapers everywhere. as you can imagine (& have probably experienced yourself) most of these ads are pretty annoying & i don't notice them. but lately i've been spotting these wonderfully sweet, very refreshing ads for gap & lemme just say, these are some ads i can fully approve of. their whole holiday slogan is "love comes in every shade" (of cozy knits! in all sorts of krazy kolors! visit your local gap store for more details!) & the campaign features a series of images of well-known people displaying various kinds of love. they're pretty cute. check it out:

love love: diana garcia & gregory rogrove. i guess look them up?

best friend love: gia coppola & nathalie love.

married love: j├Ârn weisbrodt and rufuuusssss! (favorite #1).

puppy love: jack huston & orso.

family love: haley bennett, thomas keeling, & lani bennet.

married love: michael j. fox & tracy pollan (favorite #2!).

father/son love: nas & olu dara.

sibling love: the atomics.


cute, right? let's hear it for the gap! read more about them here.

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