Wednesday, November 7, 2012

our meeting story (a version).

of course, we all know the video below is based on how husband & i met in the first place. oh, what?? you didn't know that? so the first time i saw ben was from across the courtyard of the apartment complex we both lived in. i saw ben there, i saw him just standing there being the perfect ocean-eyed specimen that he was, & i pointed at him, & i says to myself (i actually probably said it to my sister as well, we were living together at the time), i says, "i want to marry him." & after that day i would just kind of quietly follow him around. this went on for a while, a few days or weeks, i can't quite remember specifically, your 7th favorite blogger faithfully following the ocean-eyed boy from a distance. until! one day i turned the corner & there was ben (how he figured out i was following him i'll never know), & he says, he says, "all right, ALL RIGHT! marry me!" & that's how we met. more or less. creepy? maybe. highly effective? you bet your bottom.

just change the frozen tundra into byu campus & you've pretty much got it.

oh, & did i mention i absolutely love this song? & how i may or may not have made up a story just so i could feature this little song on my blog?

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