Tuesday, December 4, 2012

blast from the past.

when ben & i were in washington last week (or was it two weeks ago now?? time goes by so fast) for thanksgiving, my dad found an envelope that had written on it "don't open until 2011" (in my handwriting!) in a box full of my stuff out in the garage (well, there are about 10 boxes of my stuff out in my parents garage, so he really found a needle in a haystack here). cryptic, right? & with the whole "don't open until 2011" thing, we were already a year late, weren't we? so i opened that envelope right up, & can you guess what i found?

so apparently when i was 13 years old, in 2001, we made a list at church of what we wanted our lives to be like in 10 years. we sealed the letters up, wrote "don't open until 2011" on them, i came home, stuck mine somewhere, & pretty promptly forgot about it. until now! i hope you're getting excited, because i sure am. so without further ado, let's all check out my 13 year old hopes & desires:

wow! i mean, wow, right? isn't this a crack-up? but i'm, like, creepily right with some of these! & other than marvel at how little my handwriting has really changed in the past ten years, let's check out how spot-on i accidentally happened to be:

"i want to have been married": check.
"maybe kids, but i'm still thinking!!": holy truth to behold. who knew i was already planning at such a tender ago on using the line "i'm still thinking!!" for the first 15-ish years of my marriage when people ask whether or not we're going to have kids? :)
"i want to live in an apartment in a city like new york": the correctness of this one is almost a little  too creepy, wouldn't you agree?
"my husband will be funny, sensitive, & CUTE!!": let's see...funny, check. sensitive, check. CUTE!! (i personally loved the underlining with the double exclamation point & the hearts for dots, didn't you?), check. way to go, 13 year old shayla!
"i would have graduated from byu": sure, i went & did that several-years-long great thing.
"be an INTERIOR DESIGNER": okay, so this one actually didn't happen. i remember wanting to be an interior designer for a really long time growing up, & then sometime during high school i found out byu didn't have an interior design program, & i tossed away that dream in favor of studying english literature, which, for me, was something ultimately wayyy more fitting. but i do still try somewhat to keep the interior of our apartment looking fly! see the next one. 
"have a really qute apartment": sure, the "qute" ness of our apartment (maybe i was going through a phase when i spelled "cute" with a "q"? sadly i don't remember, but hey, LET'S BRING IT BACK) is up for personal interpretation, but i admit we do try to keep it from feeling a little less like one more nyc shoebox & a feeling a little more like home.
"& to keep in touch with my cousin lauren": okay THIS ONE cracks me up. so dang specific! but hey, i guess we are keeping in touch??

so there you have it, folks. my future life as seen through the eyes of 13 year old shayla. you know, the more i read over it, the more i do remember writing it. i remember that stationery vividly; my church leader used it a lot in her sunday lessons. it's funny too, thinking about how back then i really didn't know at all was to come in my life - how difficult byu was actually going to be, what it really takes to land oneself a "funny, sensitive, CUTE husband," the craziness that is moving to & living in new york city, how i didn't yet account for that life-changing mission in taiwan & grad school - & yet in many ways, i did kinda know, you know? 

in conclusion, i did with this 10 year old letter what any sane, rational person would do with such a gem of a memory: FRAME IT & STICK IT UP ON THE WALL, of course!


  1. okay this was seriously sweet! love love love it :)

  2. I too have one of these from a young women's activity long ago. I specified that my husband should be "skinny, curly dark hair, dimples and blue eyes." i got it all right down to the dimples, and it really freaks me out.



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