Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas morning breakfast.

one of the great beauties about having no little kids currently in the family is YOU GET TO SLEEP IN. this morning ben & i started showing signs of life around 10:45, & it was delightful.

similar to many other american families, a great portion of our holiday celebrating revolves around food - & we are totally, 100% okay with that. this morning we as an entire pj'd family gathered in the kitched to whip up some chunky omelettes topped with salsa. there were also the cream cheese frosting cinnamon rolls. not to mention the homemade orange julius. oh, & then there was also the apple cider & egg nog. & various other holiday treats. not to mention our leftover cookies from last night. did you gain five pounds just READING this list, like i did??

let the holiday stuffing of faces with delicious food merry-making begin!

christmas potpourri boiling on the stovetop. my mom has this scent going all december long every year. you know it's really christmastime when this stuff gets going on the stove. it's always been one of my favorite scents of the season!
homemade orange julius. one of the greatest things that has ever happened to my family is the day this recipe made it into our ever-loving hands.
ooh. lovin' the nog.
christmas morning omelettes! dad's the omelette master. how is it that dads are always great at making omelettes?! 
lovin' the nog, part 2:
 orange julius + egg nog & nutmeg + hot apple cider = the three drinks i had ALL IN ONE SITTING. a triumvirate, if you will.
 omelette fixins chopped by husband + his 7th favorite wife blogger.
 ooooookay matching pajamas so hilarious.
 requisite christmas morning listening. so calming!
 making more orange julius. with his new knowledge of the top-secret julius recipe, husband has officially been inducted into the clan.
these hilarious bffs:
 & these hilarious bffs:
 & then these bffs. i think we were still having in-depths hobbit & other tolkien-related materials discussion after a group viewing of "the hobbit" yesterday.
 loving her little teddy bear mug.

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