Thursday, December 13, 2012


well, ben has been gone since last week, & my life has almost officially fallen apart without him. i've been scrambling around trying to finish up every single last task on my to-do list before generally being away from nyc for almost a month (doctor appointments! writing huge final papers & turning them in! trying to fit everything into one suitcase! making it to work on time! making a month-long packing list, which really stresses me out!) & the whole time i feel like i'm missing, you know, a limb or something. does that sound dramatic? it's just that the husband & i have woven our lives together so intricately that when he up & does the skedaddle, the impact on me can be treacherous. but i officially head to the airport in t-minus 45 minutes-ish, so let the countdown to our reunion begin!

jacket: joe fresh, necklace: target, shirt: h&m, pants: urban outfitters, shoes: payless (i know, right!) 

now please excuse me while i go mentally, physically, & emotionally prepare for two back-to-back eight hour flights...!

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