Thursday, December 27, 2012

ethiopia miscellaniata.

i dare say we might just be coming to the end of our ethiopia pictures! it's been a good run. christmas has provided some stiff competition in terms of real estate space on this here blog, but in no way could i forget about our trip that easily. below are a few more images of that beloved, haunting, heartbreaking place.

we took a bus out into the countryside, & stopped once on the side of the road to walk around & bask in the ethiopian-ness of it all. after only about a minute or so, we had a little audience of youths:
 members of the conference crew a-photographing at hora lake:
 ethiopians love their pepsi & coca-cola products. seriously!:
 where to go, indeed:
 a church on top of entoto mountain loving the colors of the ethiopian flag:
 here some other scenes from atop entoto mountain:

almost every car in ethiopia is from, like, the 1980s & has just atrocious gas emissions. check out this guzzler that left a gas trail a mile long as it passed us up the mountain:
did you know coffee was invented in ethiopia? it was! there were coffee shops all over addis ababa selling bags & bags of the most deliciously strong-smelling coffee you ever done smelt. (p.s. something about me is i love the smell of coffee. the truth comes out!!) here's a snapshot from one of the coffee stores we ventured into:
 here's the african union building, a main political site in ethiopia:
 @ african union building:
the addis ababa train station. as you can tell, it's not in use anymore. aren't old, abandoned buildings kind of sad & haunting?:
a view of the streets of addis from our wee taxi. people walking in the road, buses & cars zooming around, even the cross hanging from the rearview mirror: i'd say out of any picture we took on our trip, the one below might just encapsulate best what it is to travel in ethiopia.

as always, thanks for reading!

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