Friday, December 28, 2012

family + christmas day + volleyball.

most christmases at the whipple home consist of large meals, joyous gift-giving, naps in the afternoon, watching the movies we received as gifts, more naps, & more eating. but this year! this year we decided to switch it up a bit. that's right folks, all eight (!) of us piled into the  old minivan & headed to the church gym for a friendly (& sometimes not-so-friendly, MERRY CHRISTMAS ya filthy animals) game of volleyball.

squished into the car:

warming up in our own, uh, special ways:

getting it all on tape & documented, of course:

our modern reinterpretations of bump, set, & spike:

more warming up:

these two practicing together was always a treasure to behold:

as were these two:

finally, all the shenanigans were over & the beat-down playing (volleying?) begun.

tyler & ben : "look how cool we are because we can serve it overhand, blah blah blah."

eli: "oh i'm cool because i'm basically as tall as the net & can spike it all day, blah blah blah."

mom's face in this one after eli spiked it over her is pretty great, though:

mom's tender underhand serve:

more shenanigans in between games. forgot sports medicine. eli was practicing his sports modeling skills:

(plus the one time we had him stand on a chair & i held the volleyball by the net & ben took the picture, making sure my hand was hidden so it looks like eli is just jumping really high & storming the net...smiling)

for your consideration: ben's "artistic shot:"

for your consideration: hannah's "artistic shot:"

after several innings halves quarters rounds of volleyball, we packed it up for some hoops. some hoops, i tell you!

but remember, there was that time the hoop-lowering machine was a little broken & the basketball hoop wouldn't come all the way down. it had to be pulled down. so what did we do? this, of course:

oh man. yep, that was a funny time. this picture up on the left might be my favorite photo taken out of any taken on christmas - & that's even when compared to the paper crown chronicles we had taken earlier in the day, which are pretty priceless themselves.

by the time basketball came around, this girl straight WANTED to go home:

we're smiling in the picture below, but there were a few minutes there during basketball that a certain husband got a weeeee bit competitive with his 7th favorite wife blogger on the other team. :)

& a merry volleyball christmas to all!

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